PMI is the acronym of project

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PMI is the acronym of project management institute. This institute is related with project management and also provides project management certification. By certifying a PMI certification jordan shoes clearance sale , candidates will receive several benefits this program will explain about the candidate’s dedication towards their profession and also it motivates for giving hard work in the working environment. Any candidate who certifies with PMI certification will get more opportunities than the other non certified candidates and receive various other preferences in the interview schedules.

Types of PMI certifications:

The following are some of the types of PMI certification and candidates can select any of these programs for gaining various benefits in the working environment. They are:

PMP certification
CAPM certification

CAPM can be said as certified associate in project management. The main responsibility of a CAPM certified candidate should be relevant between the functional areas and the industry. A prerequisite of high school degree or diploma degree is required for obtaining this certification or at least 1500 hours of work experience or 23 hours of PM classroom or any other training. The exam cost is approximately 225$ with 3 hours of time duration. Successful certified candidates will be contributed in the project management team.

PMP can be said as project management professional and they are one of the important as well as popular programs in the PMI certification. From this program, candidates will learn the knowledge and skills about managing project teams by delivering the results with limited budget, resource jordan shoes clearance , and schedule. The cost for PMP program is approximately 555$ for non PMI members and 400$ for PMI members.

PGMP can be said program management professional and these professionals can assign project managers, initiate define the projects and also can handle with multiple projects. This program requires minimum of 4 years of work experience and the exam fee is approximately 1500$.

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